Edge Computing Simplified

The intelligent edge is coming to fruition, thanks to leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides engineering teams with everything needed to deploy next-gen IoT and edge computing applications. The key is leveraging all that’s available to create real-world value and positive outcomes for end users.

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with the IoT competency, ClearScale understands how to design, deploy, and manage high-performing edge computing networks. We can help you come up with the ideal solution for your organization and lead you through an entire implementation, no matter the complexity.

“We knew that our company was poised for significant growth and we needed the right partner to help us build a scalable data management platform on AWS. ClearScale designed and implemented a solution to collect and analyze the data generated across our network of IoT devices, allowing us to serve our clients even more effectively.”

- Reza Soudmand, Director of Product Development, Romet Limited

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Our Edge Computing Services

  • IoT Application Development icon

    IoT Application Development

    Build new IoT applications that provide low-latency, intelligent services at the edge to customers in a wide range of industries.

  • Edge Security icon

    Edge Security

    Keep your edge devices and services secure from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and physical tampering.

  • Edge Analytics icon

    Edge Analytics

    Process data directly on edge computing devices to improve responsiveness and gain better visibility.

  • Edge Data Storage icon

    Edge Data Storage

    Configure edge computing devices to store data efficiently so that information doesn’t have to travel from the field back to AWS data centers.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Improve Decision-making

Shorten the time between data collection and insight generation, allowing users to react quickly to real-world events and make better decisions.

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Uncover New Opportunities

Capture data in the field, and discover unmet needs or untapped opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden.

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Increase Scalability

Grow your edge computing applications fast with scalable processes and infrastructure from AWS that allow you to reach new customers efficiently.

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