Establish a DevSecOps Culture

More and more organizations are implementing DevOps to enhance the software development lifecycle. However, there’s another layer that IT leaders have to consider in modern development: security. That’s why DevSecOps is gaining steam.

DevSecOps aims to integrate security into the software development and maintenance process. So, rather than think about security separately, engineering teams account for it as they build and update mission-critical apps.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it easy to instill a DevSecOps engineering culture, thanks to the platform’s suite of integrated cloud solutions. And with ClearScale’s AWS expertise, organizations can maximize DevSecOps performance on the cloud to accelerate innovation and create new sources of long-term value.

“Using AWS Control Tower, ClearScale quickly set up a landing zone for our organization based on best-practices. They also created several proof-of-concept architectures to give us blueprints we could use to build our solutions. This foundation allowed our engineers to very quickly develop and deploy several applications”

- Jeremy Brown, CTO, AdvisoryCloud

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Our DevSecOps Services

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    Logging & Monitoring

    Identify security problems across your development pipeline in real time with 24x7x365 infrastructure monitoring.

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    Incident Response

    Address issues quickly with rapid incident response and keep your customers happy.

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    Managed Services

    Leverage managed services to automate and outsource DevSecOps activities to free up your engineering team for more important initiatives.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Improved Collaboration

Get all IT stakeholders on the same page - QA engineers, developers, operations, cybersecurity - and streamline key workflows.

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Increased Visibility

Improve visibility across your entire IT infrastructure and catch security threats before they compromise development-related activities.

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Modern Security Practices

Ensure your apps, infrastructure, and data are as secure as possible by incorporating the latest security practices and technologies directly into your development cycle.

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