Don’t Miss a Data Beat

The AWS cloud offers a robust suite of data services. However, getting data to AWS from on-prem data centers or other clouds can be nerve-wracking, especially when they feed complex applications.

At ClearScale, we take on the hard work of moving essential data to AWS and give IT leaders peace of mind that their organizations won’t be disrupted. Whether you want to take a hybrid cloud approach or commit your data fully to AWS, we can help.

“We needed to migrate 30 TB of highly sensitive, encrypted data from an on-premises environment to AWS. By following AWS’s migration best practices and using the powerful AWS DataSync, ClearScale was able to complete the migration on time and without disrupting our services.”

- Jeremy Smith, CTO

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Our Services

  • Migration Readiness Assessment icon

    Migration Readiness Assessment

    Conduct a migration readiness assessment to discover gaps and develop an action plan in preparation for the AWS cloud

  • On-prem to AWS Migration icon

    On-prem to AWS Migration

    Execute an on-prem to AWS data migration involving files, databases, machine images, and more

  • Cloud to Cloud Migration icon

    Cloud to Cloud Migration

    Transfer data from another cloud to AWS to leverage industry-leading data management solutions

Unlock Your Data’s Potential With AWS and ClearScale

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Minimal Downtime

Keep mission-critical applications online to continue serving customers while your data makes the transition to the cloud.

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No Data Loss

Ensure none of your organization’s data is lost during the migration, enabling you to hit the ground running once on AWS.

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New Growth Opportunities

Implement managed services and advanced AWS data solutions in order to create new sources of value for customers and the enterprise.

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