Solve Your Most Complex Technical Challenges

High performance computing (HPC) is immensely valuable for solving hard technical challenges. Through HPC, organizations can analyze massive volumes of data, forecast complex scenarios, manage advanced AI/ML algorithms, and much more.

Thanks to cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), HPC processing power is more accessible than ever and doesn’t require IT teams to maintain expensive on-premises supercomputers. ClearScale can help you get started with HPC on AWS and leverage the latest technologies - like serverless architecture, microservices, and DevOps - to maximize HPC workload performance.

“Working with ClearScale has enabled us to improve our hosting infrastructure for AddUp and has empowered us to improve our processes & support our growing community of online activists. These capabilities are more important than ever in the fight to protect our planet and our communities.”

- Parul Sharma, Associate Product Director

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Our HPC Services

  • IoT Deployment icon

    IoT Deployment

    Set up HPC infrastructure to support a large-scale IoT deployment that relies on thousands of smart devices deployed in the field.

  • AI/ML Development icon

    AI/ML Development

    Build, train, and finetune highly intelligent AI/ML algorithms that automate complex analyses and improve operational efficiency.

  • Big Data Analytics icon

    Big Data Analytics

    Analyze massive volumes of data and make accurate predictions based on countless variables.

  • Managed Services icon

    Managed Services

    Offload HPC IT management to a third-party provider in order to free up engineering capacity.

Leverage HPC Today with ClearScale and AWS

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Tremendous Processing Power

Achieve an efficient price-per-compute ratio for even the most intensive workloads with AWS’ reliable Intel processors.

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Extensive Infrastructure Availability

Select the ideal infrastructure to support your HPC use cases. Choose from a wide range of Intel Xeon instance types within the AWS Nitro System to accomplish your unique computing goals.

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Near-infinite Infrastructure Capacity

Scale your IT infrastructure and HPC workloads up and down seamlessly based on your analytics and processing needs.

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