The Right Way to Migrate to AWS

Migrating to the cloud is a major undertaking, especially for organizations that rely on on-premises IT. Moving data, applications, and workloads to the cloud, while also modernizing legacy architecture, leaves significant room for error. That’s why AWS created its Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

Through MAP, companies in every industry can identify both the risks and opportunities that exist in migrating to AWS. After that, all organizations have to do is follow through on their MAP findings.

ClearScale is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with the AWS Migration Competency that has over a decade of experience migrating companies to the AWS cloud. Our cloud engineers and architects know how to follow through on AWS MAP recommendations and help you capture the full range of value when migrating to AWS.

“We needed to migrate 30 TB of highly sensitive, encrypted data from an on-premises environment to AWS. By following AWS’s migration best practices and using the powerful AWS DataSync, ClearScale was able to complete the migration on time and without disrupting our services.”

- Jeremy Smith, CTO

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AWS Migration Acceleration Program Services

  • Evaluate Cloud Readiness icon

    Evaluate Cloud Readiness

    Conduct a full evaluation of your current state IT and determine where your organization is and isn’t ready to take full advantage of the AWS cloud.

  • Address Capability Gaps icon

    Address Capability Gaps

    Plug crucial gaps before starting your migration and develop plans for how you’ll modernize once on the cloud.

  • Execute the Migration icon

    Execute the Migration

    Move from on-premises to AWS with minimal downtime, data loss, and complexity, enabling IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Your Cloud Migration Benefits

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Reduce Migration Costs

Use purpose-built tools from AWS that improve visibility, enable automation, and speed up the migration process, empowering IT leaders to cut costs.

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Get On-demand Expertise

Get expert advice from our cloud experts, on how to design optimal cloud architectures built for long-term success.

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Focus on Detailed Preparation

Follow AWS’ three-phased framework to determine the best migration and modernization approach for your enterprise.

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