Upgrade your event streaming with Amazon MSK

Running Apache Kafka on-premises is a lot of work. Engineers are responsible for provisioning servers, configuring clusters, scaling workloads, ensuring availability, and much more - all on top of developing new applications. All of this operational overhead takes away from your ability to innovate and deploy products that customers love.

Amazon MSK solves these challenges by giving your team a suite of managed services and cloud-native features that automatically do the hard work of managing Apache Kafka for you - no more replacing broken servers, orchestrating patches, or worrying about data security. Amazon MSK can maintain and optimize Apache Kafka infrastructure behind the scenes, so that you can focus on building truly great applications.

“ClearScale provided us a high degree of visibility and structure around our AWS migration effort. They are always responsive and kept all stakeholders in sync with a strong communication cadence. We also appreciate their flexibility to help us with infrastructure initiatives outside of the core project.”

- David Lien, VP Engineering, Minted

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“The company now has a proven, high-performing solution for generating real-time data pipelines that super-charges the efficiency and value of its product suite. It scales reliably, handles large data sets, and is regularly monitored to ensure it continues to perform at the level DealerSocket and its customers expect.”

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Maximize Event Streaming Innovation with Amazon MSK

  • Fully Managed Service icon

    Fully Managed Service

    Amazon MSK is designed to free up your engineers so that they can spend more time on app development and less time managing infrastructure. With just a few clicks, set up, configure, and provision servers for your Apache Kafka clusters.

  • High Availability icon

    High Availability

    Amazon MSK offers multi-AZ replication and continuously monitors for performance issues across Apache Kafka clusters. Should anything fail, Amazon MSK will automatically address the issue, keeping your mission-critical applications up and running.

  • Multi-level Security icon

    Multi-level Security

    Amazon MSK gives engineers multiple options for securing Apache Kafka clusters. Take advantage of VPC network isolation, Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM), encryption, and more to keep all of your streaming data safe and secure.

  • Custom Configurations icon

    Custom Configurations

    Amazon MSK offers more than 30 configurations that engineers can fine-tune to match their business requirements. On top of that, anytime you deploy a new Apache Kafka cluster, Amazon MSK will default to deployment best practices, saving you time and effort on initial set up.

  • Rapid Scalability icon

    Rapid Scalability

    Amazon MSK gives engineers the ability to scale brokers and storage easily with streaming requirements. As your Kafka workloads evolve, Amazon MSK can auto-scale for you, which means your infrastructure is always optimized for your business.

Amazon MSK Features

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Complete Compatibility

Amazon MSK is entirely compatible with Apache Kafka, allowing you to use native Apache Kafka APIs and run your Kafka-powered applications without having to make any application code changes.

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Low Cost

Amazon MSK comes with low startup and ongoing costs. Users can typically get started for less than $2.50 per day and often only pay $0.05 and $0.07 per GB ingested.

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Custom Integrations

Amazon MSK lets you integrate your Kafka clusters with numerous cloud-native services to build high-performing, end-to-end applications. For instance, you can run Apache Fink, encrypt streaming data with AWS KMS, and leverage AWS Glue Schema Registry to control data schemes, all in one place.

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Amazon MSK Migration Services

Need help migrating your Apache Kafka clusters to Amazon MSK? We’ve got you covered. Our team of AWS migration experts will ensure your Kafka-powered applications and data make it safely and securely to the cloud without disrupting your business. We can also help you migrate successfully from one Amazon MSK cluster to another.

Below are the steps involved in our Kafka migration process:

  1. Develop a cloud strategy and roadmap to ensure future cloud-native streaming success
  2. Perform a comprehensive audit of existing Kafka infrastructure
  3. Provide recommendations on how to migrate and maximize Amazon MSK after migrating
  4. Execute migration and conduct tests to ensure a successful transition