Transitioning from VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS to AWS native services doesn't need to be daunting. However, before embarking on this journey, it's essential to navigate key points along the way. That's where ClearScale comes in.

Our VMware Cloud (VMC) On AWS Exit Assessment Powered by AI is designed for VMware Cloud users transitioning to AWS. Leveraging proprietary AI applications throughout the migration process, we optimize cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for your organization.

Your Benefits of Migrating to AWS Cloud-Native Services

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Strategic Transition Planning

Utilize advanced AI-driven analytics to evaluate your VMware Cloud on AWS setup and develop a tailored strategy for migrating to AWS native services.

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Cost Efficiency

Discover cost-saving opportunities as you transition to more efficient AWS solutions. See how you can reduce your IT expenditures while maintaining or enhancing service quality.

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Modernization and Scalability

Empower your IT infrastructure with detailed insights that drive modernization and scalability. Future-proof your operations with flexible and scalable AWS cloud services.

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Licensing Management Assessment

Gain peace of mind with a comprehensive evaluation of your software licenses and VMware cloud expenditure, with a particular focus on Microsoft and Oracle.

What ClearScale Will Do For You

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VMware Cloud on AWS Environment Review

Receive a detailed analysis pinpointing cost-saving opportunities and operational enhancements within AWS or alternative environments.

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Alternative Solutions Assessment

Explore various AWS services' practicality, costs, and benefits, customized to your company’s unique business needs.

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AWS Cloud Cost/Benefit Analysis

Get clarity on potential financial gains from different cloud services and migration tactics, aiding strategic decision-making.

Let's get started

Why ClearScale?

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Proven Migration Process

Benefit from our proven methodology to ensure a swift, cost-effective transition to AWS. We guide you through every step, from initial strategic planning to the final cutover.

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Proven Track Record

With 13 years as an AWS partner, we've completed over 1,000 AWS projects, including 400+ migrations, earning the AWS Migration Competency.

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Expertise & Innovation

Rely on our team of expert DevOps engineers and developers who leverage the latest AWS tools and technologies. We handle the technical details so that you can focus on your business priorities.