Migrating from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services

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Migrating from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services

ClearScale is experienced in over a dozen Rackspace-to-AWS migrations. For the many Rackspace customers who have a real business need to advance to Amazon Web Services, making the switch can seem overwhelming for a number of reasons: lack of experience with AWS, the inherent risk of a production migration, and the need for support. Indeed, migrating a cloud infrastructure is not a simple task, but the effort to migrate to AWS is worth it because of the superior technology, rapid innovation, and competitive pricing that AWS offers. In fact, customers often end up saving money on AWS.

ClearScale works to support our customers through the migration by first understanding their business needs and their current deployment on Rackspace. Then we map that over to corresponding services on AWS, architect new solutions on AWS that were not possible on Rackspace, deploy those solutions, test the solution in a mock cutover scenario, and then carefully move data from Rackspace and perform the final cutover to AWS.

Through ClearScale's CloudNoc service, we are also able to manage the cloud infrastructure on the customer's behalf. CloudNoc Managed Services offers monitoring, remediation, and complete management depending on customer needs. AWS Support and CloudNoc, customers get more in-depth support and pay less than Rackspace managed services alone.

RAX-to-AWS Case Study:
Luxury Consumer Goods Manufacturer

A luxury consumer goods manufacturer wanted to get ready for the holidays — their peak sales time — and needed to be able to scale their ecommerce website to 10x current traffic. They were using Rackspace Dedicated Servers, and in order to meet the potential demand spikes, they would need to lease even more servers from Rackspace. But the increased expense of adding dedicated servers was not an option. The on-demand pricing from Rackspace Cloud was attractive, but the team was not confident that the services available on RackSpace Cloud would meet their needs.

So they chose to move their ecommerce website infrastructure to AWS to enable them to auto-scale and handle the holiday traffic cost-effectively and with the superior technology offered by AWS.

ClearScale helped the customer simplify their architecture. The complex Redis cluster was replaced by ElastiCache, and MySQL servers were replaced by RDS to simplify management and cut costs. The single-point-of-failure NFS server was replaced with ultra-durable S3 and linked up to CloudFront CDN for ultra-fast delivery. A secondary AWS Region was deployed for disaster recovery, and their whole deployment was simplified and made cost effective by automating with CloudFormation and Chef. Amazon VPC helped meet PCI compliance requirements.

ClearScale designed and completed the migration and now the customer is ready well in advance of the holiday season — plus they were able to save 30% on their hosting costs as a bonus.

AWS Stack: VPC, EC2, CloudFormation, EBS, RDS, ELB, ElastiCache, CloudFront CDN

Tech Stack: PHP, Magento, Apache, MySQL, Gluster, Drupal, Chef

RAX-to-AWS Case Study:
Celebrity Media and News Website

The customer, a celebrity media and news website with highly variable traffic that could spike dramatically with the release of hot new stories, was using Rackspace RackConnect, Cloud, and Dedicated Servers with cloud management from RightScale. They were having stability issues with Rackspace, and RightScale was not working well with Rackspace. Auto-scaling was not working, and the customer was overpaying for unused dedicated servers and cloud.

They decided to migrate to AWS and put their entire website infrastructure in the Amazon Cloud. ClearScale helped the customer stabilize and simplify their architecture. RightScale was replaced with CloudFormation and OpsWorks, which reduced costs and simplified the automation system. The physical MySQL servers were replaced with high performance RDS instances using Provisioned IOPS, which cut costs while still meeting performance requirements. RackConnect and the physical firewall were no longer needed because Amazon VPC handled all networking requirements. Physical load balancers were replaced with ELB at fraction of the cost.

The additional cost of RightScale was eliminated and hosting costs were cut by 50%. ClearScale designed and executed the migration, and auto-scaling now works as expected, uptime has improved, and the customer can scale to accommodate huge spikes when hot content is released.

AWS Stack: VPC, EC2, CloudFormation, OpsWorks, ELB, RDS

Tech Stack: PHP, Apache, Drupal, MySQL

RAX-to-AWS Case Study:
SaaS Application for HR Professionals

The customer was using Rackspace Cloud to host their SaaS payroll application. They were experiencing fast growth and wanted to scale. Two key considerations were security and automation. The customer was also experiencing more than normal downtime on Rackspace.

ClearScale helped the customer make the architecture more highly available and more scalable. The customer did not have load balancing and autoscaling in place, and this was addressed by using ELB, CloudFormation, and Chef for automation. Furthermore, the customer had been running the application on the same server as the database, so ClearScale decided to split this up into separate tiers and replace MySQL with RDS. Amazon VPC and IAM were used to address the customer compliance requirements. The previously manual application deployment process was improved by using Jenkins, Chef, and Git to establish a deployment and continuous integration system.

With the customer's security, auto-scaling, and automation requirements addressed by ClearScale using AWS, the customer was also able to reduce costs by 35%.

AWS Stack: VPC, IAM, EC2, CloudFormation, ELB, RDS

Tech Stack: Python, MySQL, PHP, Nginx, Unicorn, Wordpress, Chef, Jenkins, Git

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