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TrendShift’s Cloud-Based HealthCare SaaS Solution with HIPAA

One of our clients in the Healthcare industry - TrendShift needed to improve and expand their web-based SaaS application. They also needed a solution that would integrate easily with open source platforms while still offering robust security to protect sensitive information. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped Trendshift build a safe, HIPAA compliant and highly scalable solution.

Healthcare Tech Powered by AWS Helps Diagnose Sleep Disorders at Home

BresoTec has developed BresoDx® an innovative, home-based home sleep test device indicated for the diagnosis and monitoring of obstructive breathing disorders. The company partnered with ClearScale to design and develop a web portal application for physicians to effectively manage patients and analyze device data. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale developed a scalable solution that minimized cost of ownership by strategically leveraging AWS and delivered top tier services to BresoTec’s customers via web portal.

CareMetx Reaps the Benefits of Moving Its SaaS Application to AWS

CareMetx chose to move to AWS cloud services, mainly because of its options to enable automation, high availability, security, and cost savings. Learn how ClearScale used AWS best practices to help a healthcare technology company with its SaaS application migration to AWS.

Life Sciences Company’s SAP Applications Find a Better Home in the AWS Cloud

As a core of their infrastructure, Repligen runs applications based SAP. As part of their effort to scale and improve business continuity, Repligen decided to move their SAP infrastructure to AWS. In order to improve the availability of services, they decided to build their SAP application using High Availability extensions on SUSE Linux in multiple availability zones and to use a range of highly available AWS managed services to support this application.

ClearScale Helps EMR Provider Migrate to HIPAA-compliant AWS Cloud

In Touch EMR decided to migrate from a managed VMware environment to a self-managed, HIPAA-compliant environment in the AWS cloud. By teaming up with ClearScale, In Touch EMR was able to complete a successful, efficient migration — and meet its objectives for a reliable, secure and compliant cloud environment.

Influence Health Migrates their CRM and Marketing Platform from Azure to AWS with help of ClearScale.

With more than 1,100 healthcare providers using Influence Health solutions, the company needed to migrate to a larger, faster, and more flexible cloud implementation. Also, Influence Health needed to meet HIPAA compliance requirements, increased demand for larger patient databases and automated data transformation, and implement a new architectural design. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped Influence Health to migrate their CRM and Marketing Platform from Azure to AWS.

StayWell Achieves Migration and Automation Goals with the Help of ClearScale.

To support its continued growth, Staywell needed plans, tools, and procedures to migrate infrastructure and applications to AWS as soon as possible. They also needed to build a new microservices platform. For help with the migration and automation projects, Staywell turned to ClearScale.

Cloud Native SaaS Delivery Platform Migrations & DevOps

DiscoverX develops and manufactures reagents, complete cell-based assay kits, profiling and screening services for the drug discovery, screening, and life science markets. The company saw an opportunity to implement cloud-based SaaS delivery model and reduce IT management overhead. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped DiscoverX build a scalable solution from the ground up leveraging Infrastructure-as-code, DevOps, and AWS best practices.

Enabling a Robust Infrastructure Architecture with Comprehensive Security Controls for Medical Research.

UCSF wanted to move into the Cloud since the benefits were so compelling. However, their biggest area of concern was security. They reached out for an assistance from an AWS Premier Consulting Partner - ClearScale to help design an appropriate architecture that provided tight security controls while still allowing UCSF to have easier provisioning and deployments.

Machine Learning Saves Time & Reduces Errors for Medical Coding with 1 App for 4 OSs

Working with ClearScale and AWS, Creative Practice Solutions developed an application that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of the medical coding process. The app also works on four different operating systems while using a single code base, in essence, delivering four apps for the price of one.

SF Match Migrates Legacy Infrastructure to AWS to Modernize and Scale Operations.

For nearly 40 years, SF Match has provided residency and fellowship matching services in various specialties and subspecialties across the spectrum of medicine including ophthalmology, plastic surgery, movement disorders, critical care anesthesiology, microsurgery and many others. They work to connect people with organizations using a proven applicant review and ranking methodology as well as a Centralized Application Service that streamlines the processing, distribution, and review of applications with a simple user interface.

ClearScale Achieves Healthcare Competency Status from Amazon Web Services.

ClearScale Achieves APN Competency for Internet of Things (IoT) from Amazon Web Services.

Designing Improved and Fault Tolerant Architecture Following AWS Best Practices.

Even though their product was already up and running in AWS, RF-SMART wanted to make sure it was following AWS Best Practices and DevOps principles to run their operations as efficiently as possible and to enable disaster recovery capabilities. For help in designing an improved and secure architecture, RF-SMART turned to ClearScale.

The Development and Implementation of a Robust Secure Infrastructure in the Azure Cloud.

Specific regional privacy rules and security regulations impacted Zafin’s Canadian operations. ClearScale’s solution was to develop an infrastructure in a Cloud whose footprint was within the country. Read the case study to learn how ClearScale helped Zafin to develop and implement robust and secure infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Mobile Conferencing Meets Global Demand with New Infrastructure and Deep Automation on AWS.

Voxeet is disrupting conferencing and collaboration for mobile workers and distributed teams with its proprietary TrueVoice 3D sound technology and collaborative capabilities. Voxeet needed a flexible solution to meet the demands of their rapidly expanding customer base. The company partnered with ClearScale to design and deploy a highly scalable infrastructure around the globe. Voxeet wanted to take full advantage of AWS and infrastructure-as-code practices to ensure predictable release and deployment processes. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale developed a cost effective cloud solution that improved latency and performance of company’s services and reduced management overhead.

Using AWS ML and AI for Smarter Medical Coding

ClearScale helped one medical consulting firm develop smarter medical coding using new AWS ML and AI services.

Data Pipeline Solution Accelerates Pharmaceutical Research

Read this blog to learn how ClearScale helped one company create an optimized, scalable infrastructure and data pipelines to accelerate its research.

HIPAA Compliance in the AWS Cloud │ ClearScale

Use ClearScale’s security assessments and HIPAA expertise to meet many of your healthcare organization’s HIPAA compliance requirements in the AWS cloud.

“Lift & Shift” Migration as a Strategy to Reduce IT Costs

ClearScale helped our Client move its complex application from an on-premises Oracle database to AWS which allowed significantly reduce IT costs.

Using Amazon Macie to Enforce a No Data Breach Policy

ClearScale implemented Amazon Macie for a client in the healthcare industry to enhance security and enforce a no data breach policy.

Outsourcing Container Infrastructure to AWS Fargate

ClearScale figures out how to take this new very useful service called AWS Glue and applies to two completly different use cases.

Cloud Application Development in HealthCare Technology. Success Story.

BresoTec partnered with ClearScale to develop a cloud solution based on their business needs and technical requirements. Unique needs of healthcare business.

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