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Application Migrations: A Technical Deep-Dive with AWS


As cloud migration increases at an exponential rate, it’s safe to assume all companies will eventually face the daunting task of migrating applications from their legacy infrastructure to the cloud. Whether these applications are mission-critical or not, the impact on your company, customers, and employees will be positively or negatively significant. With this webinar, we hope to clarify common challenges and prepare your organization for technical migration success.

Join ClearScale and AWS to learn straight from the experts on how to define a migration plan for your applications. Listen to real-world examples of common technical challenges and the ideal solutions which can lead to a successful migration.

Key Topics Include:

  • Application migration stages and best practices
  • Solutions for typical technical challenges
  • The seven most common application migration strategies (aka "The 7 R’s")
  • Application "Re-platforming" – Pros and Cons
  • The Value of "Refactoring/Re-architecting" your application

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