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How Cloud-platform Solutions are Changing the Game for Online Education

19 Mar
By: ClearScale

As competition for prime careers becomes a global, borderless race to the peak of excellence, local school districts are struggling to keep pace. Educational professionals scramble to deploy 21st-century solutions across STEM-facing disciplines hampered by 20th-century funding. This mounting demand for a graduating workforce literate in tech skills — cloud development, data analysis — is often outside the realm of traditional teacher competency. In addition, online classes without teachers are also fast becoming the norm in many places. As budgets crumble and

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Reasons to Modernize and Migrate Windows Workloads with AWS

13 Mar
By: ClearScale

When it comes to modernizing and migrating Windows workloads, the question isn’t as much “should I do it” as “how should I do it??” One of the best ways — for many reasons — is to use AWS. AWS has offered cloud services longer than any other cloud services provider. By helping thousands of Windows users move to the cloud, AWS has developed a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of Windows workload modernization and migration. Experience, Flexibility and More

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Amazon SageMaker Accelerates Machine Learning Development

03 Mar
By: ClearScale

From sales forecasting to virtual personal assistants, machine learning (ML) has become integral to many common business processes and applications. Its power lies in enabling organizations to identify trends and patterns — many of which are imperceptible or difficult to detect by people — from large, diverse data sets. In addition, ML helps automate data analysis, significantly reducing times and costs. It’s also less error-prone, and enables organizations to deliver more personalized services and differentiated products. However, using the technology has

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Application Development in 2020: Trends, Tools & Technologies

25 Feb
By: ClearScale

The cloud has drastically changed the business world. To keep pace with and support those changes — and in some cases drive them, the field of application development has had to make its own changes. Among those dominating our attention in 2020 is the change to cloud application development. Cloud-native: Beyond the Fads Cloud-native app development refers to designing apps that don’t just reside in the cloud. They’re purpose-built, deployed, and managed to leverage the cloud’s elastic scalability

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Using AWS ML and AI for Smarter Medical Coding

27 Jan
By: ClearScale

Medical coding plays a key role in the healthcare industry. It enables both providers and payors to describe diagnoses and treatments and determine the associated costs and reimbursements. It’s also complicated, time-consuming, and prone to errors. A recent collaboration between ClearScale, AWS, and Creative Practice Solutions, a medical consulting firm, has yielded an application prototype to help overcome those issues. In the first blog of this two-part series, we discuss that prototype. The second blog will discuss some of

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Native App Development: One Codebase. Four Platforms. A Multitude of Benefits.

20 Jan
By: ClearScale

When it comes to application development, native is the way to go to ensure high performance. It also yields a better user experience (UX). The problem is that a native app is built exclusively for a single mobile operating system (OS), meaning it’s “native” only for a particular platform or device. The same code can’t be deployed on different platforms. To make the app work across multiple OSs requires creating it natively for each one. That requires significant

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Moving Ahead with Application Modernization

14 Jan
By: ClearScale

It’s the age of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. They’re not just changing the IT industry. They are transforming just about every aspect of business operations for companies across all industries. Nonetheless, many of the companies leveraging these technologies in their products and services are being held back by their own applications. Much of the problem stems from a lack of app modernization. That was the case for one of ClearScale’s clients. The

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Overcoming the Challenges of Migrating WordPress Applications to AWS

30 Dec
By: ClearScale

Free. Easy. Flexible. They’re among the reasons WordPress is an extremely popular blogging tool, website builder, and robust content management system (CMS). With its REST API, it also provides a framework for online and mobile app development. In general, it’s a great tool but has its challenges. ClearScale worked with a couple of clients recently who encountered some of them when migrating complex WordPress applications to AWS. ClearScale was able to architect solutions that not only helped them

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ClearScale’s Top Five Takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2019

27 Dec
By: ClearScale

AWS re:Invent 2019 demonstrated once again, AWS has been busy. The company announced 77 product launches, feature releases, and services at its annual conference — all that at some level is driving IT evolution and business transformation. Here are five that we think are going to prove to be extremely beneficial. 1. Amazon Redshift Updates AWS made three notable updates to Redshift. First up, it’s now possible to unload an Amazon Redshift query result to an Amazon S3 data

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SeligoAI: Using Amazon Personalize and Forecast for More Than a Match

14 Nov
By: ClearScale

The applications for matchmaking powered by artificial intelligence (AI) go far beyond online dating. The use of machine learning (ML) can help match job seekers to jobs, startups to venture capitalists, nonprofit organizations to grants, and even prospective college students to institutions of higher education. However, it’s not just the match that matters. AI offers opportunities to do more with the data gathered for these applications. For example, the data gathered for matching students to colleges and universities could

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