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July 05 2011

I have been setting up CloudFront CDN to serve static content for client websites. CloudFront is a CDN service provided by Amazon and is very easy to set up. Most CDN providers like Akamai, Limelight, and Edgecast require you to sign a contract, but CloudFront is pay-as-you-go.

In order to use CloudFront, you need to create a “distribution”, which is in basic terms an association of an S3 bucket containing your static files to an Amazon generated domain name like “”. After you create a “distribution”, you will get an Amazon-generated domain name, add it as an alias to a CNAME, and you are all set.

More about CloudFront:

  • Provides two delivery methods: one for video streaming and one for basic file downloads
  • Has ability to write access logs to S3
  • Has ability to mask the Amazon-generated domain name with your CNAME
  • Has numerous edge locations in US, Europe, and Asia
  • Has HTTPS capability

More info on CloudFront can be found in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.

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